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Your webmaster works a part-time job at the local railroad yard.
Visit my railroad web page at The Longview Yard for details.

French Frigate Shoals Web Pages
On-site pages
French Frigate Shoals Web Page.
French Frigate Shoals Today - online 09-20-1997
French Frigate Shoals Aviation & Space History
French Frigate Shoals Desktop Images
Off-site Pages
Turtle Trax
French Frigate Shoals - 25th Anniversary part of Turtle Trax devoted to FFS.
George Balazs Photos from 1973/1976 part of Turtle Trax
Tern Island - new site by FWS volunteers.

Coast Guard and Military Related

Other Sites of Interest

Flight Aware
Flight Aware - View ANY commercial flight or private IFR flight in progress.
Find out actual arrival times, see what IFR/commercial flights are in your vicinity.
Many other features available.

FlightRadar24 - View airline flights in progress anywhere on the globe.

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Quotable Quotes

Although I am not a world class philosopher by any means, occasionally I get an idea for a philosophical quote that may be useful to someone. If you see fit to use any of these elsewhere, permission is hereby granted with the request that the appropriate credit be given.

1. "Growing old sucks, but it beats the hell out of dying young."

2. "Be careful how you criticize anyone who actually earns his paycheck."

3. "Those who cannot accomplish anything significant on their own are the ones who shoot the most arrows at those who do. I would rather have arrows in my back than go through life as a Big Fat ZERO."

4. "Authority and Common Sense are not mutually inclusive."

5. "Those who make the rules are not always right, but because they MAKE the rules, they are NEVER WRONG."

6. There is a saying in the military - "It is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission." This mindset, plus the normal "Git R Done" attitude of a Coast Guardsman has failed me miserably outside the military. This next saying was posted on my office wall for over a year. But one day, I carelessly disregarded my own warning to myself and promptly collected yet another disciplinary write-up. "The more you DO, the greater your chances of DOING something WRONG. Therefore, do only what you have to!"

7. "One difficult task in management is trying to motivate people who are deathly afraid that they might accidentally end up doing MORE than SOMEONE ELSE!"

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Nov 7, 1978 - Feb 23, 1994

You taught us the meaning of unconditional love.

The Bear and the Termites - a political essay by the webmaster, inspired by the USS Cole tragedy.
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