Old Coasty

The Coast Guard astronaut, CDR Bruce Melnick, was aboard this shot.
Photo by PAC Alastair (Alex) Worden
Submitted by BMC (now CWO2) Charles H. Kinnear II
Updated 01-23-2011

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The Gallery

This image is presented as a salute and a "Well Done!" to a remarkable individual, with an even more remarkable career, from a former OCS classmate. The photo at left was taken during the final months of 1973 and is from the OCS yearbook for class 1-74. Click the thumbnail for the full-size image.

Cartoon Ideas

No artist here but if someone is looking for ideas for Coast Guard cartoons, here are some suggestions.

1. With the end of the Cold War and the severe downsizing of the military, this country experienced a huge surplus of tax revenue generally referred to as the "Peace Dividend". This first cartoon idea shows a dilapidated Prohibition era Coast Guard cutter, rusted, bent, showing about a 15 degree list and sporting a brand new shiny racing stripe. The caption of the cartoon: "The Coast Guard's Benefit from the Peace Dividend."

This country needs two items at the very top of its funding priorities:
Replacement Cruise Missiles
The U S Coast Guard

2. In the mid 60s when the Coast Guard was flying HU16 Grumman Albatross amphibians to French Frigate Shoals, it was standard procedure to leave the drop tanks full until the return trip. In the event of a takeoff emergency, weight could be jettisoned instantly by cutting the drop tanks loose. Twice, during the year I was there, drop tanks were accidentally dropped on the runway during the aircraft preflight. In one instance, only one tank was dropped. The other tank was pumped into the main tanks and the drop tank cut loose and carried back inside the aircraft. The HU16 had to make a refueling stop at Barking Sands to get back to Barber's Point. When both tanks were accidentally dropped, several 55-gallon drums of AVGAS were "borrowed" from the University of Hawaii's fuel stash on the island and pumped into the main tanks so they could make it to Barking Sands. Maximum takeoff weight from the small island was critical. This cartoon is inspired by these events.
Panel #1. - The plane captain is saying to the station C.O., "Sorry Skipper, you'll have to postpone your vacation until next week. We've reached maximum takeoff weight."
Panel #2. - The HU16, visible on the runway behind the plane captain and the Skipper, drops a fuel tank on the runway - "SKRUNCH!!!" "Dammit!!!" is coming from the cockpit window.
Panel #3. - The pilot has a dumbfounded look, the Skipper has a smirk on his face and is saying, "Do you need some help refiguring your takeoff weight?"

Photos posted 9-7-97

Photos posted 8-17-97

Photos posted 7-31-97

Photos posted 7-20-97

Photos posted 7-13-97

Photos posted 6-30-97

Photos posted 6-23-97

Photos posted 6-16-97

Photo posted 5-14-97

Photos posted 5-5-97
    Assateague Lighthouse, CGC Glacier, CGC Klamath, CGSTA Neah Bay, CG Base Boston, CGC Klamath and CGC Escanaba.

  • ASSITEAG.JPG - Assateague Lighthouse in Virginia, July 1955. Photo by Jay Cruikshank.

  • WAGB4.JPG - CGC Glacier before the red hull. Photo submitted by CWO4 F&S (Ret.) Bill Reetz.

  • KLAMATH.JPG KLAMDECK.JPG KLAMSTRN.JPG - CGC Klamath showing the aft deckhouse, busting a wave during submarine patrol duty and depth charges on the stern. Photos taken around 1954-1956. Submitted by Everett Lemons.

  • NEAHBAY1.JPG NEAHBAY2.JPG - CG Station Neah Bay sometime after 1910. This was before moving to its current location. Photos submitted by Larry Van Fossen.

  • CGBOSTON.JPG - CG Base Boston in 1971. The vessels moored at the time are (L-R) Chase, unknown, unknown, Munro, Duane, Bibb and Nantucket LS. Photo submitted by ETC John Stephenson (ret.).

    Next photos submitted by Jack A. Eckert.

  • ESCANABA.JPG - USCGC Escanaba.
  • COOKINLT.JPG - USCGC Cook Inlet.

Photos posted 4-12-97
    Cornfield Lightship, USCGC Icarus. Photos provided by Jay Cruikshank.
  • CORNFLD1.JPG - The Lightship Cornfield on station in Long Island Sound between Saybrook, CT and Long Island, NY.
  • ICARUS1.JPG - USCGC Icarus on patrol off Boston in the early 1940s.

    USCGC Lansing (WDE-488). Photo provided by Terry Moberg (former RM2), Ship's Reunion Coordinator for The USS/USCGC LANSING Association.

  • WDE1.JPG - USCGC Lansing circa 1952-1954.

    Next photo provided by LCDR L J Dumas, USCGR.

  • SINBADGR.JPG - The headstone where Sinbad is buried at former Sta Barnegat (now Recreation Cottage).

    USCGC Half Moon - photos provided by John Murphy, former SO2, USCGC Half Moon, 1964-1966.

  • W378-5YD.JPG - taken in 1965 while relieving Owasco of Ocean Station Delta.
  • W378ENR.JPG - taken from a helicopter, leaving New York harbor in 1966.
  • W378BAB1.JPG - taken in 1943 or 1944 while she was serving as a Navy AVP. In addition to the twin 5-inchers, there also a couple of 40mm back aft.
  • DJM1.GIF - taken in Curtis Bay, 1964.
  • DJM2.GIF - taken off the New Jersey coast around 1960.
  • DJM3.GIF - taken in Curtis Bay right after yard availability.

Photos posted 3-17-97

    USCGC Koiner, and a 1950s era Coast Guard helo. Photos provided by Everett Lemons.
  • KOINERS1.JPG - Mr Lemons last view of CGC Koiner as it was being repaired and decommissioned. (His e-mail indicates that it may have been going back to the Navy at this time.)
  • CGHELOA.JPG - One of the early CG helos at AIRSTA Port Angeles. Photo taken by Everett Lemons.

    Sinbad the Sailor dog

    Photos provided by BMC Joe Millard. (I'd heard about Sinbad ever since I joined the Guard. -jml)
  • PSD0214.JPG - Sinbad posing for a unit crew photo.
  • PSD04CE.JPG - Sinbad waiting for the bar to open.
  • PSD1A75.JPG - Sinbad assisting a lookout.
    Photos believed to be from the 1950s and the unit photos indicate Barnegat Light.

    USCGC Bibb. Also provided by Chief Millard.

  • PSD324A.JPG - USCGC Bibb, sans racing stripe. Date and location unknown.

    Photo provided by MK2 Jeff DiLauro.

  • CG1A.JPG - CG 1488 out of Air Station Cape Cod. Beneath the helo is CG 280502 and a prototype Lecomte out of station Chatham.

Photos posted 2-12-97
    Finally got into Jim Johnson's color slides. Don't have great success with slides so I can't enlarge them very much.
    USCGC Southwind, USCGC Westwind, USCGC Agassiz, USCGC Yakutat, USCGC Storis, USCGC Edisto, USCGC Sundew and a cliff rescue by a CG HH52A.
  • BREAKR2B.JPG - The just decommissioned Southwind on the left and the newly red-hulled Westwind on the right - CG Yard, 1 June 1974.
  • W281AA.JPG - another view of Westwind with its brand new red hull. Note how high the vessel rides in the water when it's not carrying all the fuel, water, ballast, and provisions for a six-month deployment.
  • BRKR2B.JPG - USCGC Edisto moored at Milwaukee, WI, summer of 1972.
  • ICECREW1.JPG - CO and XO of USCGC Edisto (WAGB-284), 1972. CAPT Adrian Lonsdale and CDR Hodges Gallup with LTjg Andy Malenki in the background.
  • BUOYBRKA.JPG and BUOYBRKB.JPG are USCGC Sundew breaking ice in the Mackinaw Straits, MI, winter of 73-74.
  • ICEHELO2.JPG - HH52A helicopters from USCGC Southwind during Arctic East deployment, 1973.
  • BRKR1B.JPG - USCGC Southwind moored at St. Ignace, MI, winter of 73-74.
  • MACKNAW1.JPG - USCGC Mackinaw, winter of 73-74.
  • STRIS2.JPG - USCGC Storis in the Shumagin Islands, Alaska, summer of 1968, with its brand new racing stripe.
  • YAKUTAT1.JPG - USCGC Yakutat (WAVP-380) during summer, 1962.
  • AGASSIZ.JPG - 125' USCGC Agassiz moored at Cape May, NJ, 1962.
  • CLIMBERA.JPG and CLIMBERB.JPG - The first shows a stranded climber with a basket in his vicinity that has been lowered by a CG HH52A. The second shows the helo making its approach to the very tricky rescue. I placed a yellow line under the climber for reference. The helo was from CG AIRSTA Astoria and the pilot was LT Wypick. The location is near Cape Disappointment and North Head Light and it is during the spring of 1965.

    USCGC Cuyahoga

    On October 20, 1978, the Coast Guard had to bear one of its infrequent tragedies. The USCGC Cuyahoga was lost along with approximately half her crew. This compares to the loss of Blackthorn and half of that crew. Percentage-wise, the worst cutter tragedy in recent times was the loss of White Alder with only 2 survivors. Aviation tragedies I can recall are the loss of an HH3F in Alaska, an HH52A in Hawaii, and an HU16E off the gulf coast, all resulting in the loss of the entire crew.
    RM1 Bruce Wood was there because I talked him into trying for OCS a third time. That decision has haunted me for years. I have received e-mail from the Coastie who was on the helm at the time of the collision and to this day he still wonders if there is anything he could have done to change the outcome.
    So, this small section is dedicated to our shipmates who have lost their lives in the pursuit of a career of saving others.
    The newspaper clippings are from my personal collection and the photos of Cuyahoga were provided by PSCM Bobby Ballance.
  • CUYANWSA.JPG is the news article that appeared in Navy Times after the sinking of Cuyahoga. CUYANWSB.JPG appeared a week later and shows Cuyahoga being lifted from the water at the accident scene.
  • WIX157AA.JPG, WIX157BB.JPG and WIX157CC.JPG show Cuyahoga on a cradle at Base Portsmouth, Va. Through the hole in the hull, you can see the Officers's Wardroom, aft, and just forward of that bulkhead is the Engine Room. With the impact directly on the bulkhead separately the two main spaces, there was no chance of staying afloat after the collision.

    Chesapeake Light, USCGC Pt Brown and USCGC Pt Arena. Photos received by U S Postal from PSCM Bobby Ballance, former OIC of Chesapeake Light.

  • CHESSLIT.JPG - The magnificent structure of Chesapeake Light Tower. A brilliant light easily visible on the brightest days from its horizon many miles away. A welcome sight many times while I was on CGC Cherokee.
  • PTARENA3.JPG - a view of USCGC PT Arena looking down from Chesapeake Light during a re-supply visit.
  • PTARENA4.JPG - a difficult shot of USCGC PT Arena from the water's edge at Chesapeake Light taken against the sun.
  • PTBRWN2.JPG - USCGC PT Brown preparing to get underway in an ice-choked Chesapeake Bay. (Yes, it DOES happen from time to time.)

    This next photo is Acushnet from a 1915 pamphlet found by Chuck Roe. It strongly resembles the "Old CGC" listed below on 1-14-97.

  • ACUS4.JPG - from an e-mail from Chuck Roe - "I believe the Modoc look alike is the Revenue Cutter Acushnet. I found this in a 1915 Government issued pamphlet entitled United States Revenue-Cutter Service. On the top of the cover of the pamphlet it had in ink stamp "Name changed by Act of Congress to United States Coast Guard. The attached photo was scanned out of this pamphlet."
  • COMPARE.HTML - I flipped the "Old CGC" horizontally and put it beneath Acushnet for comparison. They are similar, almost identical, but Acushnet has an extra strake down the hull. See what you think.

Photos posted 1-28-97
    USCGC Storis, USCGC Northwind, USCGC Southwind, and Revenue Cutter Manning. These photos were received by U S Mail from Jim Johnson.
  • STORIS1.JPG - USCGC Storis in Lake Union, Seattle, WA, May 1968.
  • NRTHWND2.JPG - a heavily armed CGC Northwind up north in the ice, Aug. 20, 1963.
  • MANNG02.JPG - Revenue Cutter Manning (or could be Mahoning) circa 1898. Mr. Johnson borrowed a picture from a barber in Astoria, OR, in 1965 and had this copy made. The barber had served on this cutter as a young man.
  • STHWND02.JPG - USCGC Southwind during Arctic East 1973, somewhere along the coast of Greenland.

Photos posted 1-23-97
    USCGC Storis. Photo submitted by Kurt Mills.
  • WMEC38A.JPG - This is the Cutter Storis in close to the "beach" pumping oil to the station at Skjoldungen. Photo taken in 1945.
    USCGC Cape Small, USCGC Pt Harris and Loran Station Kure Atoll. Photos submitted by Keith Kuczka.
  • HILOWPB.JPG and HILOWPB2.JPG - are USCGC Cape Small and USCGC Pt Harris at Hilo, Hawaii, preparing for a law enforecment operation (circa 1983-1984).
  • KUREATLL.JPG - A C-130 aircraft on the landing strip at Kure Atoll.

Photos posted 1-19-97, 1-21-97 and 1-23-97
    USCGC Glacier. USCGC Burton Island. Here is an excellent collection of photos received by e-mail from Keith Kuczka. Many eyes are on USCGC Polar Sea as she works Deep Freeze '96-'97 and these photos, along with LT Jack Howe's Northwind photos posted earlier, give those of us less fortunate a chance to see what it's like in Polar country.
  • WAGB4CR2.JPG - Looks like Glacier's official ship's photo, scanned from an 8x10 print.
  • BURTON.JPG and BURTON2.JPG - These photos were taken from the deck of CGC Glacier during Deep Freeze '78. One is in the ice and the other is at Wellington, New Zealand, with Polar Star in the background.
  • GLAONIC1.JPG - This is a bow-on shot taken from a distance of the Glacier ramming the ice shelf. Note the plume of ice shooting up from the bow which is more visible in this closeup.
  • GLACLIMB.JPG - This photo dramatically shows what a long climb it is down a shakey ladder to get to and from the ice, but once on the ice, you get to view the ship from this perspective.
  • Here are a couple of photos showing different views of Glacier while under way. The first is a shot of the bow showing the classic wooden decks and this is a shot aft of the flight deck during flight ops with an HH52A.
  • ICE1.JPG - Here, Glacier has just entered the ice field from the open sea.
  • GLACIER8.JPG - This is a stern view near McMurdo Station and here is Glacier at Palmer Station during Deep Freeze '78.
  • HELODECK.JPG - Here are the two ship's helos in the hangar during transit.
  • HELOICE.JPG - This HH52A has landed on the ice near CGC Glacier.

Photos posted 1-14-97
    HH3 Helo, Station Galveston (now Group), CGC Castle Rock, CGC Cook Inlet, STA Pt Judith, Block Island Light, MSO Brownsville. Following photos received from James Rogers via snail mail and are believed to be all from the early '70s. I almost did not use the first photo shown below. I kept pushing it aside and didn't even intend to scan it. When I did, all my standard enhancements still left it looking incomplete. It was taken on a cloudy day and the lack of sun and passage of time left little color to work with. It looked drab and boring. Then I over-enhanced the color saturation by a wee bit and blew it up to 2 1/2 times its original size and it jumped to life and became one of the most dramatic photos in the collection. Hope you like it!
  • H3OPS1.JPG - Taken from the deck of CGC PT Turner. Mr. Rogers said, "I was standing under this one. It came about 3 ft lower and I could have jumped up and touched the wheel."
  • GALVSTN.JPG - Station Galveston.
  • LIGHTS.JPG - 3 stacked photos. From the top, STA Pt Judith and it's light, and on the bottom is Block Island Light before it was moved.
  • MSOBRVIL.JPG - 2 stacked photos taken at MSO Brownsville
  • CASTLRK2.JPG - Photo taken from the forecastle looking towards the pilot house of CGC Castle Rock while entering port at Pearl Harbor.
  • CSTLRCK2.JPG - CGC Castle Rock moored.
  • CGC Cook Inlet digs into a swell as the first lines are pulled across for a highline drill. During the exercise, they transfer a "live" human passenger. Here's a closeup. And here is the sally party whose job is to keep the line tight so the cargo doesn't get wet.
    USCGC Hamilton, USCGC Northwind, USCGC Winnebago and USCGC Minnetonka. Following photos received via e-mail from LT Jack Howe.
  • HAMILTON.JPG - USCGC Hamilton looking straight into the bow. Photo taken at CG Yard in 1976 or 1977.
  • WINMINNY.JPG - CGCs Winona and Minnetonka moored alongside each other at Alameda. Taken by LT Howe while in RM "A" School in Petaluma in late '74 or early '75.
  • NWIND1.JPG - CGC Northwind at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, during Deep Freeze 76-77. Here, Northwind has crawled up onto the thick ice like a beached whale just moments before she crushes through from her weight (standard ice-breaking procedure).
  • NWIND2.JPG - Jack Howe (then RM2) in front of Northwind. Mt Erebus is in background.
  • NWIND3.JPG - Northwind in drydock in Wellington, NZ, for unscheduled repairs. What a place to get stuck for a while! (I could never be that lucky.) The unusual shape of the hull explains an icebreaker's reputation for nasty rolls in heavy seas.
  • NWIND4.JPG - Jack Howe under the bow of Northwind while the ship is at rest after a session of backing and ramming.
  • NWIND5.JPG - Northwind is near the ice wharf in front of "Observation Hill" at the Navy's McMurdo Station facilities.
    Graves Lighthouse. Next photo was received via e-mail from Larry Bowers.
  • GRAVES.JPG - Mr. Bowers describes this best. "The attached photo is of the Graves Lighthouse in outer Boston Harbor. The view is from the east looking towards Deer Island Light at the mouth of the harbor. I believe the White Heath would bring fresh water and fuel for the generators. During some of the storms that hit we took solid water over the top. It didn't move an inch. We lost most of the equipment on the dock though. Note the mooring buoy to the right. We very rarely tied up to it. It was easier to let the waves carry you through the gap under the catwalk going to the storage shed and let the 36' MLB from Pt Allerton meet us on the back side. They would tow us back around and we'd make a run for the dock and hope to catch the davis lines. If not, we'd go through and try again. I was probably the first coastie to use a wet suit in foul weather. I used it for two winters. Worked great."
    Old (pre-prohibition) CG Cutter. Received by e-mail from Larry Van Fossen.
  • OLDCGC.JPG - This is from a postcard dated 1909. Name of the vessel is not known by the contributor. It strongly resembles the prohibition-era CGC Modoc except that Modoc had one mast where this vessel has two. Can anyone help us out?
    USCGC Bering Strait, USCGC Unimak, TRACEN Petaluma, RTC Yorktown, COMMSTA New Orleans. Following photos are from my personal collection.
  • BERNGST2.JPG - This was from a greeting card sent to me by Paul Folmsbee while he was in Vietnam on Bering Strait. The grain on the photo did not permit any enlargement.
  • UNIMAK3.JPG - USCGC Unimak as scanned from my OCS class yearbook.
  • PETALUM2.JPG - This is a stack of 3 photos taken from the hill at the back of TRACEN Petaluma in August 1977. This has got to be one of the prettiest military bases in the world. Here's a shot of the front gate.
  • This is a series of aerial photos of COMMSTA New Orleans taken in early 1966 shortly after getting my private pilot's license. The first is looking north from about 3000 feet. The color splashes are from reflections on the window of the aircraft interior. The second is from 500 feet looking southeast. The third is also from 500 feet looking south at the barracks and admin building.
  • Inside the Ops building at COMMSTA New Orleans, on my second tour, now as RM1, around 1970, here is a gag shot of me representing a radioman going berserk with three telegraph keys, two headsets, two typewriters and everyone sending at once! Here I am again, seated in front of the Model 28s (teletypes for the non-RM types) with 3 RM watchstanders standing behind me.
  • YRKTOWN3.JPG - Main gate of RTC Yorktown in March, 1974. This is a re-scan of the photo in the old photolab. The new scanner makes a lot of difference.

Photos posted 1-5-97
    USCGC Cape Horn (WPB 95322) - submitted by QMC Al Dickgeiser.
  • WPB.JPG - Cape Horn coming in to Woods Hole, MA. Photo taken by QMC Dickgieser, XPO.
    USCGC Castle Rock and USCGC Unimak. CG-44314. Photos submitted by Lawrence Bowers. Dates not given.
  • WAVP-383.JPG - USCGC Castle Rock.
  • WAVP-379.JPG - USCGC Unimak.
  • 44314A.JPG and 44314B.JPG are of Mr. Bowers' working model of CG44314 afloat in a local lake.

Photos posted 1-4-97
    Governors Island. These photos were submitted by TC1 Pete R. Rawls, COMLANTAREA Intel.
  • GOV167.JPG - Picture postcard of Governors Island circa 1900. Battery Park was newly built. Card was water-smeared on reverse side so date is not certain.
  • GOVIS167.JPG - Circa 1985 - Fisher house facility in the playground has not yet been built.
  • ISLAND2.JPG - Circa 1995 - Fisher house and "Liberty" and "Brick" villages have been built.
    HU16E aircraft and USCGC Eagle - These photos were submitted by the photographer, Roger O'Day.
  • HU16FORM.JPG - 2 privately owned HU16s enroute to Oshkosh Airshow in 1989. Photo taken from a 3rd HU16, a short-wing Navy B-model. The aircraft to the right is an Air Force model based at Albuquerque, NM. The owner liked the CG racing stripe but modified the color choices. The logo (barely visible) in the blue racing stripe is the logo for the Rio Grande Yacht Club. This was the last known formation flight of HU16s.
  • HU16PRIV.JPG - Another view of the CG model, taken over Lakelawn, Wisconsin, enroute to the Oshkosh Airshow. It was invited to fly in ceremonies in 1990 at the 200th anniversary of the Coast Guard. Based in Texas and owned by Connie Edwards, described by Mr. O'Day as a great guy who owns several warbirds but says this is his favorite. The black emblem at the bottom of the racing stripe is a sailing ship to commemorate the 200th anniversary.
  • EAGLE55.JPG - 1978 Cadet Cruise and the first time in Pacific Northwest for Eagle - headed for Seattle and possibly the Rose Festival. Mr. O'Day took the photo from USCGC Morgenthau headed for another ALPAT. Mr. O'Day said, "We lit off the birds and showed them cadets what the new, old Coast Guard was like." (Although a few sails are still furled, I believe this is one of the best Eagle photos I have seen. - jerry)
    Sidney Sanderlin. Following photo submitted by BMCS Manny Vega (recently promoted to E-8 - Congratulations!).
  • SIDNEY.JPG - Sidney Sanderlin was killed by a rumrunner in 1927. Please read this text file that tells his story. Senior Chief Vega has done an incredible job with his research into Coast Guard history.
    USCGC Castle Rock and Base Boston. Photos submitted by James E. Rogers.
  • DCKFORC2.JPG - USCGC Castle Rock, the joy of painting. Here's a closeup. James Rogers is on the Jacobs ladder.
  • BASBOS1.JPG - Coast Guard Base Boston in 1970.

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